About Us

  • Sobre Nós
    We are a 100% privately-owned Portuguese group. Dynamic and growing, we are supported by a dedicated, professional team with vast experience in the sector. We started the company in 1990 in the Restoration and Construction field. In 2008, we expanded our field of intervention to include Works Management and Follow-up, and Company Consultancy in our portfolio and have proven experience in these fields. We have the best solution for our clients always in mind, we are flexible and will develop and participate in different projects together with other partners or be independently responsible for the project assigned. The Gestifix Group began its activity in the Industrial sector in 2011, extending its portfolio to include activities such as preparing and applying thermal insulation to equipment used in the chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries, and in LNG terminals.

Mission, Vision and Values


To create economic value by working efficiently as well as respecting the community, the environment and the future in a socially responsible manner.


To be a benchmark Group at national and international level in the sectors and fields we operate in; to develop our activity in line with the market’s best practices, taking on a solid identity and culture; to obtain our clients’ recognition for providing a service par excellence, whilst being sustainable.


We believe that a solid identity and culture are crucial in implementing the challenges encountered, which is why the Gestifix Group has identified the following values as being priority:


With boldness and confidence, we strive to keep doing more and better, keeping in mind our aim of preserving the environment, as well as taking on new challenges with determination and commitment.


When managing our everyday lives, we choose paths that strengthen the principles of honesty, truth, loyalty and justice.


We ensure that the aims established are reached thanks to the contribution from all our collaborators and from each business field.

Team spirit

We consolidate the feeling of belonging, respect for difference, loyalty and reciprocity in a global and culturally diverse context, remaining proud of the past and reinforcing our trust in the future.


We deal with clients’ challenges as if they were our own and make every effort to go beyond expectations.


We seek to continuously improve our processes, to increase and improve our collaborators’ skills so as to develop solutions and provide services that meet and surpass our clients’ objectives and expectations.